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Thursday, April 18, 2019
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Oui Love France! We are re-branding and evolving! is moving soon to it's new home.. which we hope will do the amazing properties we have more justice, as the term holiday lettings is to similar to a competitor who we feel has let down the vacation rental community (since their takeover).

So we would like to distance ourselves with a better brand. After doing research on great holiday home owner forums such as Lay my Hat, we will be offering two types of subscriptions for home owners. 

TTA (Travel Trust Association) guarantees for owners who are happy with that method of payment protection for holiday makers and a standard subscription for owners that rely on the deposits, in the tough times that the holiday home market is suffering in France due to ridiculous political taxation we realise that we need to support both the owners and the holiday maker equally.

All current advertisers will continue free on the basis that if you don't get booking you don't pay to be here, and we will continue to offer the same incentive to all future advertisers, as we want to be supportive and involved in the French rental community, and not a corporate money orientated drain!
The new website will also allow Facebook and Twitter logins, but WILL NOT follow the done to death Air BNB look or feel, as we prefer the more traditional website, no gimmicks, just easy to search, with multiple search options, but above all easy to use, which will hopefully appeal to all generations and technical abilities.
As my French teacher once told me KISS, Keep it simple stupid! 

Have a wonderful Halloween!

Dan O'Callaghan and his super eccentric team!

Oct 31, 2014

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