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Thursday, April 18, 2019
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Guide to Uploading Your Details


Welcome to our website. Here you will find a straightforward guide to help you input all your personal property details so we can list your property on our website and generate plenty of enquiries/bookings for your holiday home(s).  You may find it helpful to print this guide for easy future reference.  


Step 1 

Go to the top of our homepage ( and click on member signup.


Step 2 

Fill out your personal contact details in the box (remember to save your username and password somewhere safe) and then click ‘Register’. An email will be sent to the address you typed in. You will need to go to your email, open the inbox and click on the link that we have just sent you to activate your account. Once done, this should lead you to a page on our website where you should see Your account has been successfully activated.’


Step 3 

Return to our homepage and click on ‘member login’ at the top and type in your username and password, you are now live and logged into our website.

Now go to the top of the page and click on ‘My Panel’. This will lead you to a page titled ‘Dashboard’. This is your private administration area where you will manage inputs and changes to your property listing on our website.

Step 4

Click on ‘add listing’ to take you to the ‘add Listing’ page.  This is the main page to amend the property details that your customers will see eg booking availability and rates. Start with the ‘overview’ tab and start filling in the details requested.  Please supply as much information as possible to help your potential customers with their holiday choices.

Stars – if your property has a star rating add this

Listing type – self-explanatory

Title – this is the main title that customers will see eg ‘La Brigantine -  beautiful cottage sleeping 4 near Cap D’agde’

Highlights – these are key selling features placed underneath the title on the main page eg ‘magnificent view’ and ‘great for kids’, press enter to save each one and keep these short.

Summary – a brief eye catching summary description of the property.

Number of bedrooms – self-explanatory

Sleeps – self-explanatory

Number bathrooms – self-explanatory

Total square – self-explanatory

Listing status – enter ‘active

You can ignore the ‘add listing’ button for now.

Listing location – follow the instructions by pressing on the ‘?

Address and zip code – self-explanatory

Area descriptionAdd a nice description of the area in which your property is located.

Directions – Enter full descriptions of how to get to your property whether by rail, air, ferry or car.  

Distances – this looks difficult but is actually very simple. On a separate window on your computer look up Google maps and click on ‘get directions’ in the top left of the page. Type in your property address then click on your nearest airport and then click ‘get directions’. The map will transform itself showing you the directions and on the left near the top it will give you distances too. Just enter these distances into the boxes on our site. Repeat this process for all destinations.

Listing detailsview and holiday type click on each box that applies to your property.

Description – you can place a detailed description of your property here. Board – self-explanatory

Bedroom options – self-explanatory

Bathroom options – self-explanatory

Access – self-explanatory

Is car essential? – self-explanatory

Suitability – self-explanatory

Policies – self-explanatory

Terms and Conditions – self-explanatory

General facilities – click those that apply

Indoor facilities  - click those that apply

Outdoor facilities click those that apply  

Services - click those that apply

Local activities - click those that apply   

Other activities – Input the distances to these activities

Finally click‘ add listing’ to make your property listing live on our website.  Now you can add photos to your property listing.

Step 5

Return to the top and click on the tab titled ‘photos and videos’.

Add a title and description (optional), then click on ‘choose file’, this will take you to a new window on your computer. Find the file on your computer that contains the photos you want to upload. Make sure the photos are no larger than 1024 x 768 pixels. Press ‘Open’, which will take you back and then click on the ‘add photo’ button below. Click on the ‘videos’ sub tab to add a video and repeat the process for each photo/video you wish to add.

Step 6

Next, go to the top and click on the ‘payment’ tab. This can be a little confusing but bear with it – it usually only needs to be done once.

This is where you will input your rates for the different days, weeks and months.

Each period eg season, should have it’s own input. So if your high season is July and August, then click on the start date 1/7/13 and then click on end date 30/8/13 (if your weekly changeover date is Saturday – 31st if Sunday).

You have now selected the dates July and August so you need to add the  relevant prices, depending on whether you charge by the day, week or month then fill out the appropriate boxes.

Price for Add whether the price is for 2 people or the whole property ie if it sleeps 6 people then put 6

Extra person price add if relevant

Min Stay enter minimum amount of nights

Change-over day select the appropriate day from the dropdown menu

Active leave this as ‘yes

Special offer click if this applies

Then click ‘Add rate

Repeat this process for each different rate period / season. You will see below the calendar of months and different colours on it representing different rates. You can amend these – just follow the instructions below the calendar.

Step 7

Next go back to the top and click on the ‘availability’ tab, this is the tab you will hopefully be amending the most.

Again very straight forward, input ‘start date’, then ‘end date’.

Booking status input the relevant button, then click ‘update availability’.

Your customers will now be able to see your updated availability dates.

Step 8

Settings - this tab allows you to control some of the things your customers will see on the website. They are ticked on by default but you can turn them off by un-ticking.

Show address - leave this ticked unless you have a reason for your customers not to see your address.

Show availability calendar again we strongly recommend you leave it ticked – your customers will want to know when your property is available and it will also ensure you don’t waste time on enquiries you can’t fulfil.

Show rates - this too is better to leave ticked.

Allow bookings IMPORTANT PLEASE UNTICK THIS BOX. This is a facility that the software provides that is not required as the customer will not be paying us to book a property.  Instead, we introduce the customer directly to you.

Now click ‘save’.

Your full property details are now uploaded live on our website.  You now have the option to enable SMS texts to be sent to you when you have an enquiry.

Step 9

Go to the grey box on the left hand side and click on ‘my account’.

Here you will find an overview of your details.

Check that your personal details in the ‘overview’ tab are correct. Amend and save anything incorrect.

SMS active - tick ‘yes’ to this if you wish to receive an SMS text when an enquiry is generated through our website for you (recommended).

SMS phone above this. Enter your mobile telephone number. Add the relevant prefix eg UK +44(0)7..... Remember to remove the beginning ‘0’ from your national mobile number so after an international prefix eg UK it’s  +447.....France +336....

Click ‘save and edit user profile’.

Step 10

Under the ‘user profile’tab:

Company name – self-explanatory.


Languages - enter the languages that you speak or can be contacted in.

Logo - if you have a company logo you would like to upload then click on the ‘choose file’ and follow the same process as previously mentioned.

Click ‘save’.

Packages tab - ignore this for now – you do not need to this function

SMS packages tab - ignore this for now – you do not need this function.

Your property listing is now complete.

Should you have any difficulties, please do not hesitate to email or call us and we will be happy to assist you. This should be straightforward and most of this only needs to be done once, thereafter it’s a simple process to amend the availability dates and prices as required.

Best wishes and much success.

Holiday Lettings in France management team.